Route des Fromages d'Alsace

The Cheese Route through the Haut-Rhin department and the valley of Munster is one of the symbols of the culinary reputation of the Alsace Region. The Cheese Route allows visitors to go through scenic routes to sites of cheese production opened to the public. Founded in 1968, the Cheese Route similar to the Alsace Wine Route allows visitors to discover the Alsace thoughts, through beautiful landscapes of an incredible diversity in the most beautiful sites of the Vosges and the Route des Crêtesn, leading us to stubble transformed by marcaires and their herds of cattle. The region has numerous famous cheese references such as the Maroilles and the Munster. The Cheese Route allows visitors to taste or buy the Munster, regional cheese flagship, producted since the tenth century and made famous by its originality and manufacturing preserved over the centuries, according to the original recipe of local monks. Tours of cheese dairies of the famous cow's milk cheese are also organized by the Tourist Office in the city of Munster.

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