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Visit Pas-De-Calais and discover its rich heritage and its historical monuments.

Welcome to Arras


The heart of town of Arras is a digest of history, architecture and inheritance: places baroques; Gothic town hall; monuments of the XVIIIe century (abbey, cathedral, theatre, private mansions), real Art Déco... Only, with a guide, in the barouche, all the means are good to traverse this museum with open sky.

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chambres-d-hotes-butterworth pozieres

Chambres d'Hôtes Butterworth

  • Pozieres
  • 03 22 74 04 47

Boulogne-Sur-Mer, seaside town


Near the Channel tunnel, at two hours thirty by A16 of Paris, in the middle of the Coast of Opal and of Bolted, area green and undulating, Boulogne-sur-Mer astonishes and allures which does not know it... Rich person of an inheritance which is worth to him the envied title of Town of Art and History, the high city draws up his stone witnesses: a belfry of XIIème century, formidable ramparts of XIIIème century, a captivating Castle-Museum, an imposing cathedral, a medieval crypt... Boulogne-sur-Mer is also the first fishing port of France, with a gastronomy of fish appreciated of all the gourmets. Close to the beach, Nausicaä, National Center of the Sea, propose to you a fabulous voyage in the seas of the whole world.

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ibis-budget-boulogne-sur-mer boulogne-sur-mer

Ibis Budget Boulogne sur Mer

  • Boulogne-sur-mer
  • 03 21 87 03 05
hotel-metropole condette

Hôtel Métropole

  • Condette
  • 03 21 83 33 00
hotel-clos-des-cedres camiers

Hôtel Clos des Cèdres

  • Camiers
  • 03 21 84 94 54

Discover Lens


The name of Lens appears for the first time for the period mérovingienne in the form of "Lenna Cas" which would mean "Fortress of the Sources". The City could however have an older origin (Gallo-Roman time) which cannot be attested.

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Béthune is a pleasant city with human dimension. Around the place of September 4 and adjacent streets the essence of urban dynamics gathers: the Town hall, the municipal services, the banks, the Tourist bureau, the principal trade, the coffees and restaurants... All the life béthunoise concentrates in these town spaces and animation is never made forget...

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Welcome to the Opal coast, near Calais


Calais, first wearing of travellers of France, is a place rich in history. The lace of Calais avoids the society women whole. Calaisis offers to you a spectacular landscape with its courses and its fishing port to the stranding, very appreciated enthusiasts for big thrills or children for fishing with shrimp. Wholesale sweater or in small shirt, the Coast is practised with foot, in the bicycle and through varied landscapes, where the sky is changing, all iridescent colors and pushed by a wind, able, sometimes to cut you the breath! The Great National Site of the Capes overhangs one of the most attended channels of navigation world. In clear weather one sees the British coast (with 34 kms) and the ballets of the flobarts, trawlers, pleasure boats and bus ferries which dance on the sea under the vigilant eye of the Cross-country race, located on the course Gris Nose.

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ibis-calais-car-ferry calais

Ibis Calais Car Ferry

  • Calais
  • 03 21 96 69 69
brit-hotel-le-polder gravelines

Brit Hôtel le Polder

  • Gravelines
  • 03 28 23 90 90
brit-hotel-le-polder gravelines

Brit Hôtel le Polder

  • Gravelines
  • 03 28 51 88 95
najeti-hotel-du-golf-de-saint-omer acquin-westbecourt

Najeti Hôtel du Golf de Saint Omer

  • Acquin-westbecourt
  • 03 21 11 42 42

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