Carillon du Beffroi

The belfry of Douai was built in 1391, which now houses the carillon.

Jehan Lourdel was the first ringer and was responsible for marking the highlights of the city or the sound of the alarm. After him, it's 35 ringers who succeeded. The chime is in the belfry. There is a bell chamber on the third floor. This is where whe can find the cabin of the bell master ringer. On the top floor, visitors can enjoy a fantastic view over the city. Being located at 40 meters high, be aware that there are 196 steps to climb before entering!

Today, the visible bell was built in 1954. His two drones are from 1924. The carillon has 62 bells. Every 15 minutes, the automatic chime will sound to mark the quarter of an hour. The bells of Douai is the one you can hear in the film "Welcome to the Sticks".

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