Église Saint-Martin

The Church of Saint Martin of Carvin is a major piece of the built heritage of the Nord - Pas-de-Calais. It is the only building listed as a historic monument in the district of Lens. Its square tower completed in 1702, visible from several kilometers, extends over the entire plain Carembault, and represents, to the A1 motorway the materialization of the Porte du Pas-de-Calais. Symbol of the power of family Epinoy yesterday, the church Saint-Martin is now a symbol of the city center and the city Carembault Hénin-Carvin. Inside is an exceptional organ made in the nineteenth by Franz Joseph Carlier factor Douai. Having recently undergone a first phase of restoration, is regularly played by the holder or by renowned organists from giving concerts organized by the association's presence in the organ or part of musical seasons ("The organ sing Pas de Calais ", coordinated by season Domain Music Nord-Pas-de-Calais). The tower of the church also hosts a variety single bell, listed in the inventory of the bells and sets campanarian conducted in 1997 by the Ministry of Culture.

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