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DepartureDOUAI (59)

Capital of the Northern Department from 1791 to 1804, the city found the faculties of law and letters in the middle of the nineteenth century. These are transferred to Lille in 1887.

Wars of 1914 and 1939 causing widespread destruction.

In 1945, Douai became the capital of the mining area. The cessation of mine carries a heavy blow to the growth of the economy Douaisis.

But with the help of the state, the city will embrace new industries and develop its higher education institutions and cultural.

A day in Douai


With a prestigious past, DOUAI invites visitors to discover its rich historical heritage: the bell tower and carillon, the Museum of the monastery, churches and the Cathedral Saint-Pierre.

In the heart of the city, we discover the quaint old neighborhoods, the homes of the eighteenth century, the Sanctuary of the Abbay Marchiennes become the Parliament of Flanders, the old city gates.

Every year, the Tourist Office offers its group tours by guides lesturers approved by the Ministry of Culture.

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Douai, Flemish city


The Flemish art is experiencing magnificent debut in the fourteenth century (flower painters, sculptures ...).

The artists range in northern Italy during the Renaissance period (Jan Van Scorel, Frans Floris, Giovanni da Bologna ...). Douai knows a medieval economic prosperity coupled with a concern for artistic creation.

Some monuments attest to this day: the Notre-Dame, the doors, the beffroi.

The rest of the city is a medieval town with narrow streets, low houses (mud) and pointed gables. Some fine mansions of the Renaissance mix these homes more modest: for example, Trameri The hotel, built in 1649, remains a witness of the Flemish baroque, including projections with supervision of its twin windows. Its base is sandstone and slate roof privileges of wealthy homes.

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The Bertin park


This park was created during the dismantling of the ramparts in the late nineteenth century. It is named after Charles Bertin, who was Mayor of Douai from 1896 to 1919.

This green space, stretching over 6 acres, is now closed. It has 13,747 shrubs and 1176 trees of 50 different species including 27 large trees (Gingko biloba, Pterocarya Caucasus ...).

Originally, the water of the lake was from a direct engagement in the Scarpe.

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Park Tour des Dames


Drizzled with a pond of 4300 m2, was built around the remains of fortifications of which remains a round tower built in sandstone to 1425.

This place will seduce you with its quiet, an invitation to stroll ...

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Music in Douai


A worthy heir to the Philharmonic Society, which under the leadership of Ildefonce Luce, assured the heyday of musical life in nineteenth-century Douai, Music at Douai, under the leadership of its new President Laurent Hieter and Artistic Director Frédéric Boulard, offers an annual concert season rich and innovative.

The musicians of the Conservatory, through the orchestral ensemble (the Sinfonietta Music at Douai) and various chamber ensembles, and offer music lovers the most beautiful pages of the book, from the baroque to the music of the twenty-first century.

Ahead of the different season concerts, performers, composers, scholars are publicly sharing their knowledge, but also and above all their passion (free admission).

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