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Camped at the top of a small hill, Bailleul is a city with the rich cultural identity.

Located between Lille and Dunkirk, it enjoys an exceptional European position compared in Belgium, Netherlands,  Germany and Great Britain. It profits from an highway network and railway which very quickly connects it to the French and European big cities.

Discover Bailleul


The city conceals many treasures; destroyed to 98% at the time of the First World War, it reappears in a style néo-Flemish following the example of the cities as Ypres and Bruges that confers an undeniable charm to it.

Dominating the city, the belfry puts back on the classified Gothic room historic building. Dare to climb the 200 steps of this symbol registered with the World heritage of the humanity in July 2005, and you will enjoy a unspoilable view on the Flemish city, Mounts of Flanders, the Plain of the Lily and hills of  Artois. Its classified chime of 35 bells welcomes you with the sounds of old stories pointing out our childhood.

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Présidial in Bailleul


Seat of a royal prison and royal bailliage of Flanders, it is the only escaped with a total destruction.

Its frontage is white stone and rigorously symmetrical sandstone. Work of the architects Legrand and Vanneuville in 1776, it is restored in 1920.

It was also used as provisional town hall. The monument is protected under the Historic buildings.

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The museum Benoît De puydt


It is made up in 1859 following the legacy granted its birthplace by a rich person collector, Benoît Depuydt.

Throughout his life, this curious and impassioned clerk gathered the important objects of the art, witnesses of the Flemish culture of XV at the XIX century.

Prolonging its work and respecting the spirit of a house of collector, successive donations of the artists and amateurs reinforce the so particular charm of this museum.

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The British monument


In the center of the round point, l' work of Rainaut, architect in Paris, points out the memory of the 25th British division which held the face of the mounts of Flanders with the price of heavy losses.

Its erection answered a request of War Office of London emitted since 1919 near the municipal council of Bailleul. Having the form of an obelisk, one can read on the various faces the name of the units composing division, the places of battles in France and Belgium which division took share and evokes the 13290 men who perished there.

On the east coasts and west, the armorial bearings of the United Kingdom and Bailleul are reproduced, carrying the Military Cross which was decreed at the city the day of the inauguration on June 7, 1921.

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The school of the lacemaking machine


It is located in a masonry of Flemish style néo. In front of the house of lace is the bust of William Nelson Cromwell, patron American who started again the lacemaker activity thanks to an important gift after the First World War.

A stone blazon of size imbricated in yellow brick, shows a young lacemaker with the work.

The school continues to exempt lace courses to the spindles, but also to the switches. An exposure and a shop present work of the pupils.

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Parks and gardens in Bailleul


Very beautiful parks and gardens welcome you for the greatest pleasure of the walkers, where plants and flowers abound. An attachment particular to the trees and shrubs of the regional gasolines is encouraged.

A team of cleanliness installation by the municipality takes care of the cleanliness of public spaces downtown and in shift.

The participation of the inhabitants is very important as for fleurissement of the city; the growing number of participants in the contest of the flowered houses of it is the proof.

The dynamism deployed by the engineering teams and the gardeners of the city allows the town to enorgueillir so many surfaces of leisures (more than 40 ha). And precedes some, the 1st departmental price with the contest of the flowery cities and villages in the category of the communes from 10000 to 15000 inhabitants

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