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DepartureCAMBRAI (59)

Cambrai is located in the department of North and the Nord-Pas-de-Calais area. Cambrai is the first commune of the department of North to obtain the prestigious Ville label of the art and history in 1992, decreed by the Ministry for the Culture and the Communication.

Visit the city of the the art and history


In 1992, Cambrai integrated the prestigious network of the Cities and Pays of art and history, thanks to a past convention between the commune and the Ministry for the Culture and the Communication. Within the framework of this convention, a policy of animation and promotion of the Cambric inheritance, in direction of the inhabitants of Cambric, its visitors and the young public, is coordinated by the Animation service of the Inheritance Town of art and history.

The programming of guided visits and conferences throughout the year, the organization of demonstrations and exposures, the installation of educational service fall under this step of mediation. It also appears by completion of projects such as the realization of descriptive tourist and patrimonial, the publication of booklets and plates on the inheritance of the city, the installation of the undergrounds of the market hall and the citadel.

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Cambrai, Frontier town


This journey allows you to discover the strengthened and military inheritance of Cambrai on foot or in the car, . At the border between the Germanic Roman Holy roman Empire and the kingdom of France, the city is contained very early in an enclosure. Rebuilt in the XIV century, it is reinforced by the construction of a citadel in 1543. Improvements and improvements are brought to the whole of the fortifications until dismantling from 1892. The preserved elements illustrate the evolution of the military architecture, of the Middle Ages at the XIX century.

  • Port of Paris
  • Tower of SottesPorte of Arquets and tower of Caudron Barracks
  • Mortar Handling
  • Castle of Saddles
  • Door Notre-Dame
  • Citadel

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Cambrai, religious metropolis


This tour in the streets Vieux-Cambrai reveals the rich religious history of the city. See of the VI century, Cambrai knows a extraordinary urban great strides centered around the religious foundations in the Middle Ages . Archbishop's palace from 1559, the city becomes during XVII and XVIII centuries, a place of diffusion of the Baroque arts and traditional: large building sites of rebuilding are encouraged by the archbishops Vanderburch and Fénelon. The revolution puts a term at this apogee, but places, streets and monuments still testify to the importance of this religious past.

  • Abbay of Vaucelles
  • Cathedral
  • Vaucelette vault
  • Place Jean Moulin
  • Place THEMIS District cathédral
  • Saint-Gery church

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Cambrai, in the course of the streets


This advance reveals the morphology of the city and its changes with the wire of the centuries. From the XVII century, the brick and the stone replace for wood and cob. The medieval, narrow and sinuous streets, make place with ways complying with the new rules of town planning enacted after the catch of the city by Louis XIV in 1677. Great installations of the XIXe century contribute to improve the framework of life and support the urban expansion. The important rebuildings after the two world wars and the use of the concrete give a new aspect to the downtown area.

  • Spanish house
  • Street of the Epée
  • Street of the Aiguille
  • Street Liniers, the street of the Jews and the avenue of the Victoire.
  • Rue du Petit Séminaire
  • Place du Marché Public gardens Boulevard Faidherbe
  • Place de la République

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