Musée de Cambrai

The museum of Cambrai is housed in a restored hotel dating from the eighteenth century. It has collections that are made only of original works, all world class. With an area of 4300 square meters of exhibition space, Cambrai Museum invites you to discover three main parts: the Department of Archaeology, the Department of Fine Arts and Heritage Department.

Archaeology in the Department, it reveals objects dating from prehistory, Classical Archaeology and the Gallo-Roman, all related to the themes of ceramic and funeral world. In the section on the Beaux Arts, are the paintings of Dutch and Flemish artists of the seventeenth century and also French painters such as Ingres, Claudel and Rodin. As for the Heritage Department, visitors will learn more about the history through an audiovisual and other relics. Visitors can also admire the works of European geometric abstraction over a period from 1945 to today.

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