Musée Matisse

The origins of the Matisse Museum dates back 1952. It was created by Matisse in Le Cateau-Cambrai who is the city of his birth. The collection began with a donation of more than 80 works by the painter himself. The museum took place early in the Renaissance town hall, then in a small palace. It is enriched with collections offered by Auguste Herbin.

Since November 8, 2002, a new building emerged. Currently three collections are presented: the Matisse collection, the collection Herbin, and the collection Tériade. The last one is made up of donated works, made by various famous artists such as Picasso, Chagall and Miro. This museum is a place for cultural development for all, according to the desire of Matisse who said "I work to create intelligible art to all of us, regardless of our culture."

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