Hikes in the nord department

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DepartureCAMBRAI (59)
DetailsVisit the department of north and its tourist places. Discover its alive history and its cities.



The city offers an outline of sound beautiful inheritance as soon as the surrounding plains are approached, through the majestic alignment of three of its principal bell-towers. Cambrai, chief town of a primarily rural district, cultivates many traditions, from its specialities, its plays popular and its festivals.

To see: Abbey Vaucelles, Cambrai Museum

Go to visit la Route du Malt, for more information see there www.routedu-malt.fr and also

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Discover the site of Val de Deule


History The current neogothic church was rebuilt with new techniques of the century, after the destruction of the war 1914-1918, since 1930 and was devoted on September 29, 1933, day of the Michel Saint. The architect was Gaston Trannoy. It is the fourth known church with Quesnoy, the first go back to 1132. Description 1st stage: 16 columns the building; they consist of a reinforced concrete post and are equipped in order to imitate the stone of Soignies of the old church, the barrels are out of stone of Evelle. 2éme stage: the triforium; the garland of blind arcades draws around the nave an elegant horizontal reason. 3éme 'stage: that of the light: high glass, simple marquetries of coloured glass, diffuse on the vaults, a specific light.

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Welcome to Tourcoing


Rare are the cities which have art in blood. Since the beginning of its development, Tourcoing makes much more than to cultivate. It exploits the infinite resources of them. By permanently throwing footbridges between Art and religion, art and industry, creation and production. Nothing is partitioned there, all is closely dependent. Creation, reason to exist of Tourcoing, belonged to the everyday life of the people, even most modest. Since géne generation it composes the heart tourquennoie

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Welcome to Roubaix


Great national price of the tree in 2002, Roubaix, the city with the thousand chimneys, astonishes by quality by its framework by life and the care which it carries to its environment. In full heart of the city, in the middle of this tangle of roofs, in this landscape of bricks which would have thought of finding, an undulating park of almost 33 hectares classified by the ministry for the culture and counting more than 135 species of trees various of which some very rare. The National Committee of Fleurissement allotted a fourth flower in Roubaix, thus rewarding, in 2003, fleurissement exceptional in the course of the years. In accordance with the regulation on the matter, the jury returned in 2004 to Roubaix to confirm obtaining this fourth flower.

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Welcome to Valenciennes


Discover a city with the easy access, where gastronomy (restaurants, specialities, receipts...) côtoie generosity and human heat. Future residents of Valenciennes or simple tourists, Valencians are a city which will be able to always open its doors to you. As regards the reception of the companies, it is not either in remainder; this site reference for you formalities and steps to be followed. Rich person of a truffée history of artistic events, our city is without any doubt one of the destinations not to be missed in North Valencians wishes you the Welcome!

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Douai, city of giants


Douai, city born of the Scarpe river, developed thanks to an intense commercial activity. City draping and of corn at the Average Age, it becomes university in XVIème century. French since 1667, it is parliamentary and military city. The industrial revolution allows the coal mining. Douai is capital Basin of the Collieries of North and Pas-de-Calais at the XXème century. Today, legal, university and industrial pole, it offers a quality of life to which its inhabitants hold.

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