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With more than a million inhabitants, the lille urban area possesses a truly amazing gift for receiving and delighting its visitors.

The old stock exchange


The old stock exchange was built between 1652 and 1653, in a Flemish Renaissance style. Despite its apparent unity, the building is in fact made up of twenty four small commercial house backing on to a gallery courtyard.

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The fine arts museum


In a superb 19th century building, this museum is one of the most important musem in France. its 22000 square metres of display space allow to see exceptional European paintings.

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Wazemmes market


This market is the most pitoresque, especially on Sunday morning when it covers the whole of the Place de la Nouvelle Aventure: flea market, live animals and flowers...

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The museum of natural history


In the environment of an architecture of the 19th century, the museum became impossible to circumvent. At the entry, mammals, birds regional and exotic, skeletons, insects and Arachnida fascinate the visitor.

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The cathedral Notre-Dame-De-La-Treille


This neo-gothic cathedral was constructed in 1854 on the ancient foundations of the first donjon of the counts of Flanders.

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The citadelle


This is the work of Sebastien Leprestre, Marquis of Vauban. Its origins was a little town surrounded by five bastions in the form of a star with a total circumference of 2,200 metres.

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The chicory house, orchies


At the home of the makers of the famous chicory Leroux, you can see a unique collection of European ceramics dating from the 16th to the 19th century. In a modern building, there are temporary exhibitions concerned with chicory such as posters, packaging and publicity items.

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