Le perray-en-yvelines

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Le Perray-en-Yvelines is a french town, located in the district of Yvelines and the Ile-de-France area.

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Perray-in-Yvelines commune of the area Ile de France, of the department of Yvelines, the district and the canton of Rambouillet, the Community of Communes of the Ponds, occupies a privileged position on the great Paris-Hendaye.

47 kilometers from Paris-Montparnasse railway station, the town has an pleasant environment : door to the Yveline forest, wide and remarkable forest of France, final step of the chain of the ponds.

Louis XV fell in love with the lovely Saint-Hubert pond, crimped greenery mirror. He build a castle on its banks. There remains only the bases of the terrace.

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Historic monuments in Perray-en-Yvelines


The Saint-Éloi church dates from second half of 13rd century but was rehabilitated and raised twice in the first half of the 19th century.

The bell-tower was restored in 1778. The Napoleon bridge, also known as Royal bridge or roadway of Pourras, was built between the pond of Pourras and the pond of Saint-Hubert at the end of the 18th century. Repaired about 1808 at the request of the emperor, it is registered with the inventory of the historic buildings. It was restored in 1967.

The Hunting Pavillion of the Emperor or Pourras House built for the emperor Napoleon in 1808, fallen in ruins since 1840 was restored in 1967. It was classified as historic building in 1978.

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