Château de Rambouillet

The Château de Rambouillet was the residence of French Kings and Presidents. It was appreciated for its land favourable for hunting. Located in a park of two hundred acres in the Rambouillet forest, this 14th century fortress hosted the most famous Kings and Presidents of France and was the place where the Heads of Governments of foreign countries, when visiting, were accomodated until 2009. Every resident left his footprint in the castle.

Thus, to the simple manor turned into a fortified castle in the late 14th century, were added lands, many rooms, a big staircase, gardens, ornamental lakes and many ohter elements, in such a way that every architect from every period left his mark in the construction of the building. The former royal sheep barn is now a national sheep barn and many farm animals live there.

A tour is organized so you can approach them and different events take place along the year, with different activities such as shearing and exhibitions. Finally, the Laiterie de la Reine (the Queen’s Dairy), built under Louis XVI order for Marie Antoinette to induce her to like the castle, hosts the sculpture of the «Nymph Amalthea» of Pierre Julien. The Château de Rambouillet, an hour away from Paris, with its surprising architecture and its gardens invites you to a walk.

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