Tour to explore pyrénées-atlantiques

TopicSciences and discovery
DepartureMONTANER (64)

For 4 days, we invite you to discover the department of Pyrénées-Atlantiques. This department has many facets: a rich and varied landscape and popular tourist towns such as Biarritz.

Pyrénées-Atlantiques, between specialties and history

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Castle of Montaner

Historical monument, Castle Montaner offers fantastic views of the Pyrenees and the plain of the Adour. The tour includes an immersion in medieval times, particularly around the character of Gaston Phoebus.

Museum of beret

The beret is one of the local specialties. This is the heart of the Béarn found the museum beret. On the inside, you will discover the history of its production, from its origins to today.

The Foie Gras Museum

To end the day, you will discover the foie gras. This museum is the perfect place from which to explore this French specialty.

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villa-la-colombiere lourdes

Villa La Colombière

  • Lourdes
  • 05 62 94 39 35
chalet-saint-louis lourdes

Chalet Saint Louis

  • Lourdes
  • 05 62 94 03 89
hotel-restaurant-du-soleil-levant argeles-gazost

Hôtel Restaurant du Soleil Levant

  • Argeles-gazost
  • 05 62 97 08 68

A day in Pau

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To start the day exploring the city of Pau, we advise you to visit the Chateau de Pau.

Pau castle

Inside, you will discover the royal apartments, a magnificent collection of tapestries and royal history Henri IV who was born in this house. Note that the view is amazing.

Feel free also to stroll through the old town of Pau. You can discover many ancient houses.

The Museum of Fine Arts Pau

Then you will head to the Museum of Fine Arts Pau. You will admire the famous Degas "The Cotton Office in New Orleans" and a fine collection of Flemish schools, Dutch, Italian, Spanish and French from the fifteenth to the twentieth century.

In the evening you can eat and drink in the city center.

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hotel-restaurant-du-fronton lecumberry

Hôtel Restaurant du Fronton

  • Lecumberry
  • 05 59 37 10 22
hotel-restaurant-espellet larceveau-arros-cibits

Hôtel Restaurant Espellet

  • Larceveau-arros-cibits
  • 05 59 37 81 91

The most beautiful village and the most beautiful gorges

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Sainte-Engrace is one of the most beautiful villages of the department. You will be surprised by the charm of this town lost in the mountains. You can find such a harmonious Romanesque chapel.

Gorge Kakuetta

Just after your visit to this town, towards the gorge Kakuetta. This is a 2 km walk that we offer. The scenery is simply sublime. You go down to the bottom of the gorge. This output costs 5 euros per adult.

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auberge-du-relais berenx

Auberge du Relais

  • Berenx
  • 05 59 65 30 56
espace-thermal dax

Espace Thermal

  • Dax
  • 05 58 56 50 00

A day to discover the Basque Coast

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Basque Museum and the history of Bayonne

Only ethnographic museum dedicated to Basque culture, Basque Museum hides many treasures. Here you can find not less than 2,000 objects. You know the Basque mythology or pelota.

Sea Museum in Biarritz

The museum of the sea allows a trip to explore the seabed. You will marvel at the variety of species. Rays, sharks, through the clown fish and seals, animals ... A multitude of animals will give you a fabulous show.

Imperial Chapel Biarritz

Then, towards the Imperial Chapel Biarritz. Historical monument, this building you will discover Biarritz under the Second Empire.

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hotel-au-bon-coin biarritz

Hôtel Au Bon coin

  • Biarritz
  • 05 59 24 01 68
vacances-bleues-hotel-le-grand-large biarritz

Vacances Bleues Hôtel le Grand Large

  • Biarritz
  • 04 91 00 77 39
hotel-du-fronton bidart

Hôtel du Fronton

  • Bidart
  • 05 59 54 72 76

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