A tour to discover the gard

TopicSites and museums
DepartureNIMES (30)

For 6 days, you will discover the Gard. You can visit many museums and castle. You know more about the history of this department which takes its name from the river that runs through it.


Nîmes, the French of Rome

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Open a book. A six-page book for a tour in the gard. You have just read with us?

For this first day of circuit, Nimes direction. Many sites to visit, which requires taking a whole day.

The amphitheater in Nimes

Inspired by the Colosseum, the amphitheater is the best preserved of the Roman world. Built at the end of the first century of our era, it measures 133m long and 101m wide. Historic monument since 1840, it could accommodate more than 23,000 during the Gallo-Roman gladiators and animals. Today, it is up to you to descend into the arena.

Gardens of the Fountain and the Tour Magne

Created in the eighteenth century by Jacques-Philippe Mareschal, military engineer of King, this park is one of the first public gardens in Europe. Fountain Gardens offer a blend of freshness, shade and peace to South passions. Walking toward the summit, you hit the Magne Tower, overlooking the gardens on Mount Cavalier. It was the tallest tower of the Roman Empire.

House Square

Consular house, church, museum ... This house has seen many changes. But before all this, it was a Roman temple hexastyle, built in the early first century. This temple is the best preserved of the Roman world. You can, for example, admire its fluted columns topped with Corinthian capitals.

The Museum of Old Nîmes

Created in 1920, the Museum of Old Nîmes is located in the former episcopal palace, next to the cathedral. You observe about 30,000 objects depicting the life in Nîmes. Regional pottery, furniture typical Nîmes through collections from textile manufacturers traders of the eighteenth century, you know about the history of this city.

Note that for the pass Nîmes Roman (+ Amphitheatre Square House Tour Magne +), you only pay € 10 to visit the three monuments.

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Hôtel Empire

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Kyriad Nîmes Ouest

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Hôtel César

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Mas de Gleyzes

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From Rome to popes

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Second page and the second day in the history continues. Management Beaucaire, 25 km from Nimes to discover the Roman era. And Villeneuve-lès-Avignon, time to return to the Popes in Avignon.

Mas Turrets

A superb cellar Gallo-Roman size and condition. This vineyard in AOC recreates perfectly the first centuries AD with the ram, its wooden press, its amphorae and earthenware jars. An invitation to wine and its flavors will be offered in the cellar. You can visit the vineyard and the tavern and amphorae.

The castle of Beaucaire

Beaucaire Castle is one of the largest fortresses in France. Built in 1229, the building was used to monitor the Rhone, which was at the time boundary. It was demolished on the orders of Richelieu in 1632. Today, the museum Auguste Jacquet is installed inside. The archaeological and historical museum you will discover more than 40,000 years of history.

Fort Saint André

Located about 30 km north-east, go to Villeneuve-lès-Avignon. Facing the city of the popes, Fort St. Andrew, was built by Philip the Fair in 1291. You enter through a large gate flanked by two towers. The terraces offer you an impressive view of the Rhone Valley and Avignon.

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Hôtel d'Europe

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Ternelia Lou Capitelle

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Ternelia Evasion Tonique

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Sport and height

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We turn the page to get to the third day of our journey. We continue to gain height with the Pont du Gard and then we go to Uzès. Otherwise, we will offer a second choice to play sports.

Pont du Gard

Originally, the bridge ensured the continuity of the Roman aqueduct that carried water from Uzès to Nîmes. Take a picture of yourself to remember this bridge, built in the first century AD and 50m high. Then you can go to the museum, which is located in the bottom-cons on the left bank. You dive into the past. The walk may last an hour as a half-day to full immersion.


A 11 km from the Pont du Gard, Uzès is. The cars are banned in much of the village, the visit on foot. The historical tour will introduce you to a medieval garden, St-Théodorit, a former bishop or castle of the Dukes ...


Now, discover the countryside on foot, bike or horseback. You will be able to swim or kayak canoe down around Uzès. Sports enthusiasts may try to climb in Collias, Seynes or Russan. And if all this does not tell you, you fly in a balloon in La Capelle.

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Le Moulin des Artistes

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Hotel le moderne

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Camping Universal

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Nature !

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Half of the stay has already passed. Today we leave the air near Barjac in the National Nature Reserve Gorges de l'Ardèche, for sport.

National Nature Reserve of the Gorges de l'Ardèche

Spend a day in the National Nature Reserve Gorges de l'Ardèche to discover wonders. For the fourth day, you can either stretch your legs, or learn. With 1575 hectares, you have plenty of choice. Thus, for the more athletic, many activities will be offered. The descent of canyons by boat, hike, through the base jump for those who want thrills. Feel free to bring your picnic for a convivial moment around a Green Oak or Ash, as the reserve contains many varieties of flora. Otherwise, go near the river to relax. A rare species may go over your head. In fact, there are only a couple of envion couple Bonelli throughout France. Being careful, you will fall, perhaps, nose to nose with a beaver. Finally, be careful where you put your feet because snakes can handle in the area.

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Aux jardins de Manthes

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Kyriad Nîmes Ouest

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Hôtel Empire

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Hôtel César

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The capital of Cevennes

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For this penultimate day, we go to Ales, a city full of charm and authenticity. 

The Mining Museum Witness

Along the 700 meters of galleries, you will discover many anecdotes. Open to the public since 1985, this museum shows the courage to show the miners knew Cevennes. Note: you should expect a vest because the temperature varies between 15-17 °.

The Mineralogical Museum of the Ecole des Mines d'Ales

The Ecole des Mines d'Ales and its museum are created in the mid nineteenth century. Over the years, it will become the memory of an important moment in the history of the city. They are the gifts of alumni or amateurs who have made this museum.

The Garden of Bamboo Prafrance

After mining, the landscape changed completely and go in the garden of Prafrance Bamboo, over 10 km from Ales. Unique in Europe, this garden has grown during the past 150 years. Park, the only place open to the public alone covers 15 hectares. It has a forest of bamboo trees, a Japanese-style garden, a maze, a Laotian village, a water garden ...

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Hotel de la Corniche des Cevennes

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Hôtel Restaurant Le Riche

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The heritage of Cevennes

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Last page. We end this trip with a jaunt in the Cevennes. The country has managed to preserve its nature and heritage, with beautiful architectural works.

The train in the Cévennes Andorge

Discover the Cévennes with the train in the Cévennes Andorge, starting from Ste Cecile Andorge to arrive at St Julien Points. On this course, 3km long and lasting 1:30, you can admire the landscape Cevennes and several works of art such as the viaduct or tunnel Andorge Bramefont.

The villages of the Cevennes

Go to St André de Valborgne. The Romanesque church shale pebbles and flat, recently renovated is appreciated. A Sauve, you can admire the remains of walls, fortified gates and the two medieval towers. Otherwise, walk in Montdardier with its castle built by the late 19th plans Violet le Duc, in Aulas to Molières Cavaillac or to Mialet for his rustic property. Move to Bonnevaux for its shale houses and narrow alleys and St Saviour Camprieu for his church.

Balance :

The book is now closed. We hope that this trip will satisfy you. Although many monuments are not part of this list, this circuit is trying to follow a fairly logical sequence and quite diverse. We have proposed this expedition to help you discover more about the region. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

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Camping Bois Simonet

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Le Domaine des Garrigues

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Hôtel Restaurant Douce France

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