Maison Carrée

The Maison Carrée, located on the Place de la Maison Carrée in the downtown of Nîmes, is the only perfectly preserved temple dating back the Antiquity period in the world. Built in the late first century BC, it became a church in the Middle Ages before hosting nowadays the museum of Nîmes dedicated to ancient arts. The masterpiece of Roman architecture of the Emperor Augustus, was built on an esplanade overlooking the forum, economic and administrative centre of ancient Nîmes in order to glorify his two little son. The Maison Carrée, classified as historical monument since 1840, is 26 meters long, 15 meters large and 17 meters high. The ceiling of the pronaos dates back the XIXth century and the present gate was built in 1824. The monument, even today in a state of extraordinary preservation, inspired the creation of other buildings as the Paris famous Church of the Madeleine. The Maison Carrée is one of the emblematic symbols of the city of Nîmes. Recently renovated, the building has regained its brightness and a new roof made of flat tiles.

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