Musée et Jardins de Salagon

The Museum of Salagon also known as County Museum of Ethnology in Haute-Provence was founded in 1981 and installed in the Salagon priory, has a historical monument. It is in this monumental complex of the Middle Ages, that visitors can stroll through the gardens and explore the museum.

The museum Salagon attempts is to understand and discover the Haute Provence for its visitors. It gave himself the objective of studying, preserving and developing the skills values and habits of men, who lived in Haute Provence, from the last century. Visitors will discover the various collections, made by different ethnographic objects, photographs or oral inquiries.

Its collections are highlighted and presented to the public, while forming part of a great project of understanding the plurality of cultures. It is also a place where the flora is in the spotlight, with the Salagon gardens, who want to be tools for the conservation of plant species but also a aesthetic creation. They offer to the visitors a access to deviser species that grow in a mountain climate.

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