Musée Départemental de Gap

The Départemental Musée Of Gap (or Musée Museum de Gap) was built in 1908, thanks to a lottery, who help to raise funds and build the museum. A cultural site located in the Parc de la Pépinière, the museum offers exhibitions of contemporary art, archaeological collections, workshops, conferences and events. The museum has also a magnificent collections of ceramics from Nevers and Moustiers, sculpted furniture and antique weapons.

The Musée Départemental de Gap was built-up mainly by donations and bequests of funds given by the City of Gap and the Hautes-Alpes department, and also by many objects from the religious communities (in particular from the Hospice du Mont Genèvre) and some by the State deposits. Archaeology and history of human occupation in the Alps are showed in the basement room in the “Salle d’Archéologie” that you can observe, throughout the vaulted rooms, human activities since prehistoric times to Middle Ages. For example, it is possible to admire a double bust of Jupiter Ammon, the stele of Briançon or bronze ornaments of Benevento, Réallon and Guillestre.

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