Château de Montmaur

The Montmaur Castle, an historical monument based in the departemental, is a worthy representative of different periods and artistic influences in the Dauphine. Its construction began in the fourteenth century and spread over four hundred years, during which he underwent numerous transformations.

Inside, large staterooms ceilings "in the French way" have maintained fireplaces gypsum. There are also painted decorations, the oldest is dating from the Renaissance as well as the entirely carved doors.

Its gardens were built in the nineteenth century and the area retains a beautiful calade (courtyard) flanked by the farm buildings. Witness of the religious wars and also the French Revolution, the castle was during the Second World War a place of resistance.

The village, whose oldest houses are huddled around the castle has preserved an authentic charm. Since 2007, a cultural summer program makes this place a place of creation, exchange and encounter, for the enjoyment of visitors to our department and that of the high alpine.

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