Museums in Alsace

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Museums en Alsace

musee-de-bouxwiller-et-du-pays-de-hanau haguenau

Musée de Bouxwiller et du Pays de Hanau

The museum was created in 1933. The purpose of the museum is to present the history of Bouxwiller and the ...


le-musee-d-art-moderne-et-contemporain strasbourg

Le musée d'Art moderne et contemporain

The Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art in Strasbourg is located on the banks of the Ill, right in the ...


le-musee-alsacien strasbourg

Le Musée Alsacien

The Alsatian Museum is a museum of art and folk tradition, offering to the visitors an interesting tour of ...


le-musee-archeologique strasbourg

Le Musée Archéologique

The Museum of Archaeology is housed in the Rohan Palace. This museum is one of the most varied and richest ...


musee-des-beaux-arts strasbourg

Musée des Beaux-Arts

The Fine-Art museum of Strasbourg is located on the first floor of the Rohan Palace. It displays an amazing ...


musee-d-unterlinden colmar

Musée d'Unterlinden

The Unterlinden Museum annually hosts more than 200,000 visitors from around the world. This figure ranks ...


cite-du-train mulhouse

Cité du train

A collection of more than hundreds of trains and a locomotive is presented in the Cité of Train museum. ...


cite-de-l-automobile mulhouse

Cité de l'automobile

The Cité de l’Automobile is one of the world's largest motor museum with more than 200,000 ...


ecomusee-d-alsace ungersheim

Écomusée d'Alsace

The Alsace Ecomuseum is a reconstitution of a real Alsatian village, with 74 construction of ...


musee-theodore-deck guebwiller

Musée Théodore Deck

Museum Théodore Deck was once the residence of the chanoines of Murbach, it now houses an impressive ...


musee-de-l-oeuvre-notre-dame strasbourg

Musée de l'Oeuvre Notre-Dame

The Musée de l’Œuvre Notre-Dame is located next to the Strasbourg Cathedral. The museum ...


musee-wurth-france-erstein erstein

Musée Wurth France Erstein

The Musée Würth France Erstein is in Alsace in the city of Erstein. Open since early 2008, this ...


musee-espace-des-metiers-du-bois-et-du-patrimoine labaroche


Labaroche is a village montagne.Il has a gem that you would be very wrong not to visit.An authentic experience ...


musee-anime-du-jouet colmar

Musée Animé du Jouet

The Toy Museum of Colmar was founded in the early 1990s. It was in those years that Colmar discover a ...


la-tour-des-sorcieres thann

La tour des sorcières

The witches' tower is an old rampart tower dating from the fifteenth century. Over the centuries, it ...

THANN (68)

le-musee-des-amis-de-thann thann

Le Musée des amis de Thann

Museum Friends of Thann presents the history of the region and popular traditions. Located in the former Corn ...

THANN (68)

musee-de-la-tour-des-voleurs-et-maison-de-vigneron riquewihr

Musée de la Tour des Voleurs et Maison de vigneron

Thieves' Tower dates from the sixteenth century. At the time, it served as a prison and torture chamber. ...


le-musee-bartholdi colmar

Le Musée Bartholdi

The birthplace of Auguste Bartholdi now houses the museum dedicated to the famous French sculptor. On the ...


musee-de-la-folie-marco barr

Musée de la Folie Marco

The Museum of the Folie Marco is in a mansion, lordly half, half bourgeois. Established in 1960, the museum ...

BARR (67)

le-musee-vauban neuf-brisach

Le musée Vauban

The Vauban museum is located inside the pavilion of the Porte de Belfort, built in 1700 . Created in ...


musee-du-bagage haguenau

Musée du bagage

The luggage Museum is located in Haguenau . The museum possesses more than 600 trunks and luggage from very ...


musee-du-sceau-alsacien la-petite-pierre

Musée du sceau alsacien

The Museum of the Alsatian seal is in the small town of La Petite-Pierre. This museum tells the history of ...


musees-du-chateau-des-rohan saverne

Musées du Château des Rohan

The Rohan castle houses the archaeological museum, art and history of Saverne. This building was the residence ...


musee-albert-schweitzer kaysersberg

Musée Albert Schweitzer

The Albert Schweitzer Museum is a museum dedicated to the work of Dr. Albert Schweitzer . It is in the house ...


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