Monuments in Champagne-Ardenne

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Monuments en Champagne-Ardenne

cathedrale-notre-dame-de-reims reims

Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Reims

The kings of France were once crowned in Reims Cathedral. Along with the cathedrals of Chartres and Amiens, ...

REIMS (51)

chateau-de-la-motte-tilly la-motte-tilly

Château de La Motte-Tilly

Around Nogent-sur-Seine, come discover the Castle de la Motte Tilly and its beautiful park. Built in 1754 on ...


palais-du-tau-a-reims reims

Palais du Tau à Reims

The Archbishop's Palace of Tau Reims date from the sixteenth century. It takes its name from its plan ...

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tours-de-la-cathedrale-de-reims reims

Tours de la cathédrale de Reims

Built in the XIII century and completed in the XV century, the towers of the Cathedral of Reims reaching over ...

REIMS (51)

eglise-saint-didier asfeld

Église Saint-Didier

The church of Saint-Didier in Asfeld is the strangest church Champagne-Ardennes and even France. Built in ...


abbaye-notre-dame-de-sept-fontaines fagnon

Abbaye Notre-Dame de Sept-Fontaines

Abbey Notre-Dame de Sept Fontaines is an abbey of the order of Premontre to Fagnon.It was founded in 1129 by ...


eglise-de-saint-lupien saint-lupien

Église de Saint-Lupien

The Church of Saint Lupien is a monument of the town of Saint-Lupien, in the Aube. The construction runs from ...


chateau-de-montmort montmort-lucy

Château de Montmort

In evoking the castle Montmort, Victor Hugo spoke of a "delightful pandemonium turrets weathervanes, ...


basilique-notre-dame-de-l-epine l-epine

Basilique Notre-Dame de l'Épine

The Church of Our Lady of the Thorn takes its name from the devotion given to a statue of the Virgin holding ...

L'EPINE (51)

chateau-de-chalancey chalancey

Château de Chalancey

The castle is located on Chalancey commune in the Haute-Marne Chalancey. The castle, listed as an historic ...


chateau-de-dinteville dinteville

Château de Dinteville

Dinteville Castle was built in the sixteenth century around a large tower of the thirteenth century. ...


cathedrale-saint-pierre-et-saint-paul-de-troyes troyes

Cathédrale Saint-Pierre-et-Saint-Paul de Troyes

The Cathedral of Saint-Pierre-et-Saint-Paul de Troyes is one of the greatest achievements of Gothic art and ...


le-donjon chaumont

Le donjon

Only traces of the castle of the Counts of Champagne (twelfth century castle), the dungeon has retained its ...


chateau-d-etrepy etrepy

Château d'Etrepy

The presence of the castle Etrepy is attested in the twelfth century. But the monument was rebuilt and ...


collegiale-notre-dame-en-vaux chalons-en-champagne

Collégiale Notre-Dame-en-Vaux

The Notre-Dame-en-Vaux was built in Chalons-en-Champagne between 1157 and 1217. It's called ...


manufacture-royale-de-draps-le-dijonval sedan

Manufacture royale de draps Le Dijonval

This historical monument was created in 1646. It was the first place of sheet production line. This former ...

SEDAN (08)

chateau-fort-de-sedan sedan

Château Fort de Sedan

The Château Fort de Sedan is located in Sdean, north of France. It has been built around 1424, as a ...

SEDAN (08)

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