Tours de la cathédrale de Reims

Built in the XIII century and completed in the XV century, the towers of the Cathedral of Reims reaching over 80 meters and have a harmonious architecture. With its 2300 statues, the Cathedral of Reims has the richest sculpture in Europe, just after the one of Chartres. Its most famous statues are those of the l'Ange au Sourire and the center of the gallery of kings, le baptême de Clovis. Part of the carved decoration, including the loft of the XV century, is preserved in the Palace of Tau.

Since Henry I in 1027, the kings are crowned at Reims in memory of Clovis. The nave and the vaults of an unprecedented scale, giving rise to the Gothic Reims that inspires the whole Europe. Contemporary stained glass at the bottom of the choir are signed by Chagall (1974).

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