Palais du Tau à Reims

The Archbishop's Palace of Tau Reims date from the sixteenth century. It takes its name from its plan recalling the shape of the letter T (tau in Greek). Its construction resulted from the conversion of a house pounding on the remains of a large Gallo-Roman times. The archbishop's palace in Gothic style was completely transformed in 1710. It was the resort of the kings of France, who prepared himself before their coronation in Rheims Cathedral.

The large banquet room, called the "salle du Tau", dates back to medieval times and hosts a huge fireplace in the fifteenth century. Managed since 1972 by the Centre des monuments nationnaux, the palace houses: - the statuary of the cathedral - tapestries - two vaults containing treasure consisting of relic (the talisman of Charlemagne, for example) as well as objects of worship used at the coronation of the kings of France. - the Museum of Work combining elements carved from Notre Dame. The Palace of Tau is classified as World Heritage by UNESCO.

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