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Discover and visit the towns and the cities in the Marne district.

Discover the town of Esternay


Esternay, commune of Champagne-Ardenne, offers many faces as all the villages in the basin in South-East of the Marne district.
100 kilometers East from Paris by the national road 4, Esternay is the first important town in Champagne, when you live Paris area.
After one hour you can reach champagne in Chalons-en-Champagne, Reims or Troyes. The international airport of Vatry is 40 minutes far and Roissy-Charles-de-Gaulle at slightly more than one hour.
The TGV railway station of Marne-la-Valley is 50 minutes far and the access to the highway is 50 minutes.

Esternay is one of the 44 head towns of the district of Marne. 1650 starnacians live there. The area counts 21 communes for 4800 inhabitants.
This country between Brie and Champagne offers many dynamic aspects. It has many assets for who wants to start an activity or just live there.

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Discover the town of Fismes


Located on the border of Champagne and Picardie, crossed by the rivers Ardre and Vesle, Fismes is a town of history and culture.
The tourism attractions of Fismes are various and interesting by cultural, historical or sportive aspects.
The dynamic and attrative local trade is a chance for every inhabitant as well as tourists who are welcome here.

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Discover Sainte-Ménehould


At the borders of Champagne and in edge of the forest of Argonne, discover Sainte-Ménehould, an at the same time picturesque and accessible city. This city owes its name in Manehildis which was characterized by its kindness and its piety at the 5th century.

Dom Pérignon was born there in 1639. Jean-Baptist Drouet, a postman, allowed the arrest of Louis XVI in June 1791.
The Tourism Office proposes guided tours of Sainte-Ménehould on demand.
During the visit, you will discover the history of the town relied to the French history, the church and the civil architecture of the 18th century.

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Discover the town of Sézanne


Sézanne, grown in its past, offers very pretty walks.
There are 10 centuries of history: the church Saint-Denis, the Market in a Baltard style, the shaded malls, the relics of towers and walls but also of the characters who made the French history: Richelieu, Marie Leczinska and the characters who made the story of Sézanne: monks of Saint-Julien, Brother Luc.
The houses, the places, all these old stones carry the stories which made Sézanne... We invite you to stroll and discover the charm of a small historic town.

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Visit the city of Reims


Reims, today city of almost 200.000 inhabitants, was always present to the great appointments of the french history since Antiquity.
Museum-city, the richness of its past expressed in so various ways and prestigious architectural heritage like Notre-Dame Cathedral, Saint-Rémi Basilica.

You will enjoy to saunter in the streets to a Gallo-Roman triumphal arch or an Art-déco frontage.
City of Champagne, Reims has in its basement 250 km of cellars and Gallo-Roman chalk pits. The most important Champagne houses will make you discover all the secrets of the most famous wine of the world.

Events-city, Reims proposes festivals like the Summer Musical Dawdlings in a hundred free concerts, from classic music to jazz, the Johanniques Festival and Folklore coronation with its 2.000 characters for the historical procession of Jeanne d' Arc towards the cathedral, the evocation Music and Light in the Saint-Remi basilica.

To see: The palace of Thau and the towers of the cathedral

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