Château de Montmort

In evoking the castle Montmort, Victor Hugo spoke of a "delightful pandemonium turrets weathervanes, gables, dormers and chimneys. It must be admitted that the silhouette of castle appears to you at once, impressive by its majesty and elegance: brick construction, elevated, with slate roofs, protected by double ditches, accessible by a bridge with three arches leads to the drawbridge. Ruined medieval fortress converted into the Renaissance remains of approval, the Montmort Castle, perched on a cliff overlooking the landscape, in the course of Surmelin cons below ... The appearance is retained by the medieval square and the four corner towers.

The entrance tower houses a small masterpiece: a spiral ramp for horses, surrounding a spiral staircase to reach the upper terrace. The numerous openings of white stone facings soften the somewhat austere appearance of the building ... Sheltered by the castle, with its church and its stained glass porch light, its small cemetery, the link with the town ... You'll also enjoy the beautifully maintained park that insinuates itself into the ditch before opening to the terrace.

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