Château de La Motte-Tilly

Around Nogent-sur-Seine, come discover the Castle de la Motte Tilly and its beautiful park. Built in 1754 on the ruins of an old feudal fortress. The Castle is a remarkable testimony of the classical architecture of the eighteenth century. The park is truly magnificent, made in a perfect symmetry around the axis of the main entrance.

Offrering Frecnh and English gardens which are an extend around the lake. A superb setting with lime alleys, arbor hedges, rare trees (thuja, blue cedar) and a beautiful orange grove. Heiress of the castle in 1964, the Marquise de Maille has furnished and decorated the interior in the perfect style of the art of living in the eighteenth century. The famous director Milos Forman's has also chosen to serve as a framework for filming some scenes in the film "Valmont".

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