Abbaye Notre-Dame de Sept-Fontaines

Abbey Notre-Dame de Sept Fontaines is an abbey of the order of Premontre to Fagnon.It was founded in 1129 by Helie, lord of Mezieres.

The sale of the property began April 4, 1791 by furnishings and household contents. The sale lasted 4 days. Then, on June 1, objects were sold to the church. We can find some of them in the surrounding churches: Gespunsart, St. Marcel, Fagnon, etc. ... It was in 1794 that Septfontaines experienced its first private owner Mr. Presolles. The latter immediately demolished the church. At this time many changes have occurred. Before 1810, disappearance of the cloister. Before 1842 disappearance of two wings and the construction of two three-story towers on either side of the building. A fire partially destroyed the castle in 1907 and the north tower was rebuilt in 1908.

The castle then became the property of the Vicomte de Remond, and later, his descendants. He passed, after Alfred Corneau, who transformed into a recreational property. On the death of Alfred Corneau, the castle remained undivided, was bought by the husband of one of his daughters, Mr. Forest and then the couple's daughter, Marguerite Forest, wife of Jacques Vendroux owner in Calais. The family came to spend the holiday with their four children: Jacques, Yvonne, John and Suzanne. Only after the 1914-1918 war, as Jacques Vendroux settled there and then bequeathed the castle to John Vendroux Vendroux brother Jacques and Yvonne de Gaulle.

During the 14-18 war, General Joffre set up his headquarters in Septfontaines but there are only a few days being forced to withdraw. In September 1914, Emperor William II moved to Charleville. Thus, the castle was transformed into a casino Septfontaines by William II during the First World War. His majesty went there every day for tea accompanied by senior officers of his suite (the Kromprinz, Admiral von Tirpitz, Graf von Moltke the marshal .....).

The castle is the subject of an entry in as historical monuments.

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