Musée de la Métallurgie Ardennaise

Located in Bogny-sur-Meuse, in the heart of the iron and forest land, this unique museum is a must where you can experience the long and amazing history of iron working, since the last centuries of the Middle Ages, in the Ardennes department.
Located in a symbolic industrial building, in front of the famous Four Sons of Aymon, the Metalworking Museum of the Ardennes presents in a lively and original way (movies, visual animations, extensive commented iconography, interactive models, audio guide, sensory path) the various activities which made the strength and the fame of this metal industry of transformation.
Machinery, tools and products made it possible to enter fully into the shops, factories and workshops, and to imagine men, women and children at work.
The life of the workers is also restored with heat, and are evoked the bosses from a modest background  who were successful , the paternalism,  the trade unionism, social struggles, and the establishment of socialism thanks to the Communard Jean-Baptiste Clément.

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