Musée Rimbaud

The museum Arthur Rimbaud is based in an old water mill of the seventeenth century on the banks of the Meuse only a few steps from the house of the poet. In this imposing monument, all the life of Arthur Rimbaud is exhibited. The museum Arthur Rimbaud evokes the memory of the poet. Outstanding originals are exhibited such as the sonnet "Voyelles" or the sketch of the "Coin de Table " Fantin Latour.

See also the personal manuscripts, photographs, objects, numerous writings about the poet's work by other artists. The museum pays tribute to artists of the twentieth century, whose work is from Arthur Rimbaud including Picasso, Leger, Giacometti, Cocteau, and Max Ernst.

Although he lived much of his life in Charleville-Mezieres, Arthur Rimbaud museum celebrates more the explorer, who since 1875, stayed away of creation to travel through Europe and Africa. The collections exhibited, showcasing the life of Arthur Rimbaud, are collected in 1948 and then transferred to the museum in 1969.

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