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Surprising land, where every way takes you on different landscapes, the "préardennaises" crests are a generous stopover between the Champagne country and the Ardennes mountain range.

Saint-Jean aux Bois

The village of Saint-Jean-aux-Bois is located in the heart of the forest of Compiègne. The origin of this charming village is the Benedictine abbey founded in 1152 by the queen Adélaïde, widow of Louis VI the Big. Saint-Jean-aux-Bois was built around the church when the abbey church became parochial. Dating back to the 13rd century, it is a remarkable sample of the Roman style by the simplicity of its draw. But this church is also a testimony of the birth of the gothic style. There are beautiful original stained glass windows. Until quite recently the village lived in the forest's rhythm, dwelleded by wood merchants, lumberjacks and carriers. Life was rather rough. The village was connected to running water at the end of 1950's. Today Saint-Jean-aux-Bois is a peaceful place. If you go there, you must see the oldest tree of the forest. About 750 years old, the oak of Saint-Jean is 8 meters round on the ground.

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