Monuments in Auvergne

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Monuments en Auvergne

chateau-d-aulteribe sermentizon

Château d'Aulteribe

The Castle of Aulteribe is located in Auvergne, on the northern tip of the mountains of Livardois. Built in ...


chateau-de-chareil-cintrat chareil-cintrat

Château de Chareil-Cintrat

The Castle of Chareil-Cintrat is near of Vichy, in the heart of department of Allier. It dates from the ...


chateau-de-villeneuve-lembron saint-germain-lembron

Château de Villeneuve-Lembron

The castle of Villeneuve-Lembron is located between Clermont-Ferrand and Saint-Flour, near Issoire. It was ...


cloitre-de-la-cathedrale-du-puy-en-velay le-puy-en-velay

Cloître de la cathédrale du Puy-en-Velay

The Cloister of Cathedral Le Puy-en-Velay is a Romanesque building which is famous for its arcades and its ...


eglise-saint-pierre albepierre-bredons

Église Saint-Pierre

The Church of Saint-Pierre is placed on a dyke overlooking the valley of "Allagnon" and the city of ...


prieure-saint-pierre-et-saint-paul albepierre-bredons

Prieuré Saint-Pierre-et-Saint-Paul

The priory of "Saint-Pierre et Saint-Paul de Bredons" was built in 1050, led by Henry Durand, who ...


tour-aux-vingt-angles blesle

Tour aux vingt angles

The tower was built in the XII century and covered the period 4200 m2, with courtyards, gardens and stables. A ...


eglise-saint-pierre blesle

Eglise Saint-Pierre

The oldest church of Blesle date of the XI century, it was originally a monastery for women.


chapelle-de-la-chaigne blesle

Chapelle de la Chaigne

The Chapel of Notre-dame of la Chaigne is located near the town of Blesle, on the right bank of the creek of ...


clocher-saint-martin blesle

Clocher Saint-Martin

The Church of Saint-Martin was built in the XIV century. This Gothic building was partially destroyed in the ...


tour-de-guet-du-massadou blesle

Tour de guet du Massadou

The tower of Massadou, which overlooking the village, is a watch tower of the XIII century.


eglise-de-chaspuzac chaspuzac

Eglise de Chaspuzac

Church of Romanesque style built in the XII century, it's adorned with murals of the late XII century and ...


deux-ponts-de-la-riviere-couze coudes

Deux ponts de la rivière Couze

Two bridges cross the river Couze. The first was built in the Middle Ages and has an arch vault barrel and the ...


cathedrale-notre-dame moulins

Cathédrale Notre-Dame

The Cathedral of Moulins was built in the fifteenth century. Originally, there was a ducal chapel which was ...


chapelle-de-la-visitation moulins

Chapelle de la Visitation

Chapel of the Visitation was built in the XVII century. It now houses the mausoleum of Duc Henri II de ...


eglise-notre-dame chatel-montagne

Église Notre-Dame

The Notre Dame located in Châtel-Montagne in the Allier is a testament to Roman art. It was in the year ...


abbaye-saint-leger ebreuil

Abbaye Saint-Léger

The abbey of Saint-Léger abbey Ebreuil is located in Ebreuil Allier. It is in the eighth century that ...


chateau-de-la-cheyrelle dienne

Château de la Cheyrelle

Cheyrelle the Castle, located on the town of Dienne, Cantal, is a mansion of the nineteenth century whose ...


chateau-de-clavieres velzic

Château de Clavières

The Clavieres castle is located in Velzic in Cantal, in the valley of the Jordanne. The last owner of the ...


chateau-de-domeyrat domeyrat

Château de Domeyrat

Domeyrat Castle is a medieval castle on the town Domeyrat in the department of Haute-Loire in France. It is ...


eglise-saint-georges-de-saint-paulien saint-paulien

Église Saint-Georges de Saint-Paulien

The church of Saint-Georges Saint-Paulien is a Romanesque church at Saint-Paulien in Auvergne, in the ...


eglise-saint-austremoine issoire

Église Saint-Austremoine

The Church of Saint Austremoine is a former Benedictine abbey built in the first third of the twelfth Century1 ...


eglise-saint-didier saint-dier-d-auvergne

Église Saint-Didier

The church of Saint-Didier of Saint Dier d'Auvergne is a Romanesque church at Saint-Dier d'Auvergne, ...


le-chateau-de-murol murol

Le Château de Murol

Murol Castle was built in the twelfth century by the Barons living in Murol. Subsequently, the building was ...

MUROL (63)

chateau-royal-de-st-saturnin saint-saturnin

Château Royal de St Saturnin

The Château Royal de Saint Saturnin open all year by appointment and groups of at least 20 people. ...


cathedrale-notre-dame-de-l-assomption clermont-ferrand

Cathédrale Notre-Dame de l'Assomption

Located in the heart of Clermont-Ferrand, the Notre Dame Cathedral of the Assumption was built during the ...


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