Abbaye Saint-Léger

The abbey of Saint-Léger abbey Ebreuil is located in Ebreuil Allier.

It is in the eighth century that Louis the Pious, king of Aquitaine, son of Charlemagne, established a residence. In 898, the monks of Saint-Maixent (in the Sarthe), fleeing the invading Normans, Ebreuil to find refuge, where they hid the relics of Saint Léger of Autun. Don Lothario then made Castle Ebreuil the monks who built a monastery. The tenth to the thirteenth century, they built the great abbey church of Saint-Léger.

The abbey possessed relics of St. Maixent and St. Leger and pilgrims came to worship, which has contributed to wealth and fame of the abbey. The shrine of St. Leger, which dates from the sixteenth century is currently on a stone pillar, behind the altar.

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