Église Notre-Dame

The Notre Dame located in Châtel-Montagne in the Allier is a testament to Roman art. It was in the year 1080 that Dalmas de Châtel Mountain donated the church of the Virgin Mary of Châtel-Montagne at the Abbey of Cluny. According to documents that appear to be a copy of the deed of gift, the priory was founded May 2, 1082. The donation was contested by two brothers Dalmatius but Pope Urban II confirmed the possession of the priory by the abbey of Cluny March 16, 1095. This donation is consistent that allows the establishment of a small community. In 1501, the priory of Laveine was reformed by the Abbot of Cluny and Jacques d'Amboise ceded all rights to the prioress Gabrielle de Polignac to manage the time of the priory. After 1679, the few remaining monks eventually left the priory, but the circumstances of his departure are unknown. Following this, the offices of the parish were transferred to the high altar in the apse.

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