Château de Villeneuve-Lembron

The castle of Villeneuve-Lembron is located between Clermont-Ferrand and Saint-Flour, near Issoire. It was built in the late Middle Ages to the XVI century, by Rigaud d'Aureille. It is later transformed in the XVII century. Square plan, the peculiarity of the monument is to have four towers with a belt of dry moat, which have a more decorative than defensive function with their remarkable woodwork, coffered ceilings, beautiful decorations and fireplaces. The building also includes amazing frescoes of the gallery porch.

These date from the XVI century and refer in particular to public life and the marital problems of Rigaud d'Aureille, a real lesson of history for visitors. Moreover, the ceilings painted stables evoke good and evil, and the window openings are adorned with mythological characters. The castle is regularly the subject of many restorations.

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