Tour to discover corsica

DepartureAJACCIO (2A)

For 5 days we suggest you walk in Corsica. You will discover beautiful landscapes.

Ajaccio, city of Napoléon

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To this day, we invite you to discover Ajaccio. The prefecture of Corsica South is located at the bottom of a gulf.

Start your day by entering the Maison Bonaparte in Ajaccio. Historical monument, this house reflects the importance of the Bonaparte family in Ajaccio.

Then you will visit the city center. Go square Marechal Foch, near the fishing port. Take the direction of Fech street. This is the shopping street par excellence. Along this street, you can stop in the imperial chapel.

Then you go towards the Cours Napoleon, mini Champs Elysee awaits. You will reach the Place du General de Gaulle. Then, towards the Ajaccio Cathedral.

To finish the day, you can go to the island of the Bloodthirsty. After a walk of two to three hours, you can relax on the beach.

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Hôtel Albion

  • Ajaccio
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Hôtel Impérial

  • Ajaccio
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Hôtel Palazzu U Domu

  • Ajaccio
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hotel-marengo ajaccio

Hôtel Marengo

  • Ajaccio
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Always higher

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During the second day, you will explore nature.

You will leave Vizzavone. You can then take the direction of the Madonuccia. This rock has the shape of the Virgin Mary. The walk is easy and enjoyable.

Then you can climb to the Col de Palmente. This walk will take you along some of the GR20. The view is simply sublime as it overlooks the Monte d'Oro and ponds of the eastern plain.

If you still have the time and inclination, you can continue to Monte d'Oro, the second highest mountain in Corsica. Warning climb is long (8:30 Return). At the top you will be rewarded by the beauty.

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Hôtel Monte d'Oro

  • Vizzavona
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Casa Alta

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Hôtel Beau Séjour

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Hôtel Dominique Colonna

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Meet the most beautiful villages in France

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During the third day, you're going to see full eyes.

First step: Sagone. This seaside resort is known for its ruins of the ancient abbey of Sant'Appiano. Then you go to Cargese city dates from the seventeenth century. It was created by a Greek colony. The city is nice to visit.

Then you'll discover the Gulf of Porto arriving Piana, ranked among the most beautiful villages of France, overlooking the Gulf and where it was not amazing but a breathtaking view. Also, take a detour through the loop Ficajola.

To end the day, you get to the mountain village, Evisa. This city is surrounded by chestnut and whose massive surrounding.

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Hôtel Restaurant l'Aitone

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  • Serriera
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camping-les-eaux-vives vero

Camping les Eaux Vives

  • Vero
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les-sables-blancs-de-la-liscia calcatoggio

Les Sables Blancs de la Liscia

  • Calcatoggio
  • 06 99 44 51 50

A relaxing day

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For this fourth day management Bastelica, famous for being the birthplace of Sampiero Corso. We also know that common for meats.

You will enjoy this relaxing day to visit the birthplace of Sampiero, burned by the Genoese but rebuilt exactly the eighteenth.

Then you will discover Ajaccio. To continue in relaxation, you can enjoy water sports, but also to relax the thalassotherapy center.

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Hôtel du Tourisme

  • Zonza
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Hôtel Palazzu U Domu

  • Ajaccio
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hotel-imperial ajaccio

Hôtel Impérial

  • Ajaccio
  • 04 95 21 50 62
hotel-albion ajaccio

Hôtel Albion

  • Ajaccio
  • 04 95 21 66 70

An end in triumph

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After a quiet day today, you'll see in their eyes.

For starters, management Sartène. You will drive up Cauro then you will pass the Ascension of St George. You absolutely must stop before the turn Roccapina. 25 km further, you will see a second stop to the chapel of the Trinity. You can admire a beautiful setting.

Then, you are advised to make a boat trip to explore the city. You can discover magical places like the Cave of the Dragon. Back on dry land, stop in the city center, where there are many souvenir shops.

Entering the city begins with a charming spot where stands the house's most photographed Bonifacio.


We hoped that the discovery of the nature of Corsica enjoyed it. There are many tour to discover Corsica. Feel free to leave us a comment if you have any questions.

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Hôtel le Royal

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Résidence de Tourisme U Pirellu

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Résidence les Oliviers

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Hôtel Restaurant Le Goéland

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