Chapelle Impériale

Forming the right wing of the Palais Fesch, the imperial chapel in Ajaccio, in neo-Renaissance style, is ranked as “Monument Historique”. It houses thanks to Napoleon III, the raves of nine members of Napoleon’s family. Inside the chapel, a large dome is topped. The crypt of the chapel houses the tombs of the Cardinal Fesch, Charles and Laetitia Bonaparte, Napoleon's parents, and other members of the imperial family whereas the emperor's ashes are in the Invalides in Paris. The imperial chapel is a place of contemplation, quiet and pervasive, offering a well-preserved interior, with various decorations. There are florals, stained glass, priestly objects and black marble slabs engraved with Latin inscriptions. Visitors can also enjoy a magnificent Coptic Christ, offered by Napoleon to his mother after his return from Egypt. The exterior of the building features Saint-Florent stone facades.

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