La maison Bonaparte

The Maison Bonaparte in Ajaccio is ranked as “Monument Historique” since 1967 for both historical and aesthetic reasons. This house-museum, dating back the seventeenth century, is the birthplace of Napoleon Bonaparte in Ajaccio. This house has a history as exciting as touching of the early years of Bonaparte’s life.

Offered to the State in 1923 by Napoleon heirs, the birthplace of Napoleon at Ajaccio who first stood still in the hands of the Bonaparte’s family, was turned into a museum in 1967.The expansion allows visitors in addition to visit the apartments and new museum spaces.

On the first floor of the Maison Bonaparte, visitors can observe the furniture of Madame Laetitia, mother of Napoleon. On the second floor collections evoke the ancestors of Napoleon, Corsica at the time of its birth, a room dedicated to portraits and medals. On the ground floor there are some aspects of the agricultural properties of the Bonaparte family.

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