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Tour to discover Corsica

For 5 days we suggest you walk in Corsica. You will discover beautiful landscapes.

Day 1 : Ajaccio Day 2 : Vizzavona Day 3 : Sagone Day 4 : Bastelica

Tour to explore Haute-Corse

For 6 days, you will explore the Haute-Corse. You will admire the wealth of this country. You will leave Bastia and finish your journey along the Biguglia.

Day 1 : Bastia Day 2 : Cap Corse Jour 3 : Ile-Rousse Day 4 : Corte


Lucciana is a commune located in Haute-Corse in the Corse region.

Day 1 : Lucciana Day 2 : Corte

Découverte du cap Corse

Partez de Patrimonio et faites le tour  du Cap Corse :  L'une des régions les plus belles  de l'île ,mais également la plus contrastée avec paysages sauvages ,son relief accidenté ,ses forêts , ses montagnes , ses petits villages ...

The walk through time

The town hall Oletta you to discover the heritage of the city through this promenade theme.Let yourself go through the past with the new ride in the gorgeous village of Oletta ... ride marked• Level: easy (walking).• Departures available:Place the convent St. FrancisParking Municipal ...


Jet ski

Welcome to Waterfly, for 10 years specializing in sports in Bastia. We specialize in rentals and jet ski rides with or without a permit. We invite you to discover the Cap Corse in jet ski, come and experience unique sensations with our towed. Feel free to contact us for further information and ...

day-between-land-and-sea jet-ski-hiking

Jet ski rides in Calvi bay

Jet ski with or without a boat license from 16 years only for 1 or 2 people.Initiation and Baptism unlicensed supervised by a qualified instructor in the Bay of Calvi discovery of the jet ski for all age groups with a briefing on the rules of navigation explanations of operation of the machine ...


Traversée de la Corse Quad perso/ 5 jours

Venez découvrir les terres profondes de la Corse.Partez avec nous lors d’une escapade en quad.Dans un cadre exaltant, mêlant sensations fortes et instants de liberté, cette virée vous fera découvrir les plus beaux paysages de la Corse.Rejoignez nous afin de ...

ile-rousse-les-villages-de-ballagne ile-rousse-le-desert-des-agriates-asco asco-ghisoni ghisoni-zonza

5 days in Balagne

Discover Corse. Information Mélanie au 07 77 60 14 18

a-la-decouverte-des-villages-de-balagne rando-montagne rando-decouverte a-la-decouverte-des-grandioses-aiguilles-de-papolasca

3 days in Balagne

Come to discover Corse. Information with Mélanie 07 77 60 14 18

Village San't Antonino mountain-hike depart-pour-le-desert-des-agriates

Discover Rogliano

Rogliano has a tour that toured many villages in the Commune, the circuit goes through the forest, the village, the countryside, the old convent, and offers to turn a corner a panoramic view . It is accessible to all, (about 3 hours). But you can also climb up to the 3 pointes, go under the wind and ...


Bastia is a commune of the Haute-Corse department in the Corse region.

the-tourist-train-tour the-baroque-tour walking-tour the-traditional-market


Algajola is a little commune in the Haute-Corse department near Ile-Rousse in Balagne.

discover-the-coast-and-the-beaches the-monolith-of-algajola visit-the-monuments