Jet ski rides in calvi bay

DepartureCALVI (2B)

Jet ski with or without a boat license from 16 years only for 1 or 2 people.

Initiation and Baptism unlicensed supervised by a qualified instructor in the Bay of Calvi discovery of the jet ski for all age groups with a briefing on the rules of navigation explanations of operation of the machine before departure.

Several excursions are offered.

Choose your hiking Jet Ski


Hiking an hour

The first ride takes you to the cave of Veaux Marins through the Revelatta Bay and the beach of Aghia.
The second hike we offer is the visit of Red Islands by sea.

Two-hour ride

This hike takes you to the cave of Veaux Marins through the Revelatta Bay and the beach of Aghia. Discovery of cracks between Calvi and Galeria. Pause swimming in the turquoise waters before returning.

4 hours of hiking

Morning departure for an exceptional ride towards the revelata, Galeria and the Scandola nature reserve. Discovery of caves and cliffs. You can also enjoy the clear waters and swim in clear creeks rich in fauna and flora. You will then be led to Girolata, a small village accessible only by sea for a pose with a refresh before the expected return on Calvi for lunch. Hiking sunset.

To finish your day, enjoy a magnificent sunset. Short break off the revelata to enjoy a glass of champagne.

2 days Hiking

From Calvi, two days of pure happiness. Visit all the most beautiful sites listed: Scandola Girolata, Porto, Piana Calanche. Discovery of creeks and magical places in the Gulf of Porto. Swimming and lunch breaks on the white sandy beaches. Cargese Stop for the night.

Accommodation nearby

hotel-cesario-3 calvi

Hôtel Césario 3*

  • Calvi
  • 04 95 65 08 88
residence-padro calvi

Résidence Padro**

  • Calvi
  • 04 95 65 08 88
camping-la-morsetta calvi

Camping la Morsetta

  • Calvi
  • 04 95 65 25 28
hotel-casa-vecchia calvi

Hôtel Casa Vecchia

  • Calvi
  • 04 95 65 09 33

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