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Tour to discover Corsica

For 5 days we suggest you walk in Corsica. You will discover beautiful landscapes.

Day 1 : Ajaccio Day 2 : Vizzavona Day 3 : Sagone Day 4 : Bastelica

Discover the Corsica island

Discover towns and cities to visit in the Corsica island.

discover-the-city-of-calvi discover-the-city-of-ajaccio discover-the-city-of-olmeto


Bonifacio is a commune located in the Corse-du-Sud department and owes its name to Boniface II, the Marquis of Toscane.

the-beaches the-city-of-bonifacio the-parc-marin-international-des-bouches-de-bonifacio

Visit south Corsica

Discover towns and cities in the south Corsica.

discover-the-town-of-sagone zonza-and-its-region

Discover the cities in Corsica

Discover the cities in Corsica.

village-of-muna from-letia-to-guagno-les-bains from-soccia-to-the-lake-of-crena from-soccia-to-aghja


Cargèse is a commune located in the Corse-du-Sud department in the Centre region.

the-waterfalls-of-the-radule lake-of-creno capo-rosso saint-francois-convent


Levie is a commune located in the Corse-du-Sud department in Corse region.

the-aiguilles-de-bavella the-plateau-of-cuscione the-village-of-ospedale cucuruzzu-and-capula


Piana is a commune located in the Corse-du-Sud department in the Corse region.

the-calanques-of-piana piana-forest the-beaches-of-piana


Porto-Vecchio is a commune located in the department of Corse-du-Sud in the Corse region.

discovered-porto-vecchio the-lavezzi-islands the-aiguilles-de-bavella palombaggia-beach


The village of Porto-Ota is a sea side resort located in the Corse-du-Sud department.

the-museum-of-bruyere the-aquarium-de-la-poudriere delta-du-fangu the-fortress-of-girolata


The gulf of Sagone and the county of Deux Sorru are located 25 km north of Ajaccio and 14 km from Cargese.

sagone rezza