Musée des Beaux-Arts de la Cohue

The gate and three doors were listed as historic monuments on: 25th January, 1929 In the Middle Ages, in the west of France, "Cohue" was the word used for market place. Located in the heart of the walled town, the "cohue" in Vannes was, in the Middle Ages, a possession of the Duke of Brittany, one of the main lords of the town.

Dated in the 13th century, it was just composed of a central nave (the present central section) and sheltered the town's merchants. The Duke's courtrooms were installed on the first floor during the 15th century. Major renovation work was carried out in the 17th century on the upper room, which had been used since 1552 for the "Présidial", a Royal court of justice. The Brittany parliament met here during its exile from 1675 to 1689. The side chambers were also covered during this period. Today, the "Cohue" houses the permanent collections and exhibitions of the Vannes Fine Art Museum.

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