Musée d'Art Asiatique

The Asian Art Museum is a department of the Museum of Art.

Since 2001, the Asian art collection has been housed in the Villa Jules Verne, located on the Frédéric Mistral coastline, opposite the Port Saint-Louis in the Mourillon district.

More than 95% of the collection of the Toulon Museum of Asian Arts is made up of donations or legacies.

Since the end of the 19th century, the Rothschild family, Hyppolite Fauverge de French, Mrs Lalande, Mr Vittu de Kerroual, Commander Morazzani and the Collet couple, among others, have made their collections Toulon's own.

The acquisition of these objects by these collectors-donors is directly linked to their professions, their travels, their passions and above all their desire to collect.

These objects are therefore elements of their lives, they illustrate episodes of their personal stories.


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