Grotte de Salamandre

The Salamander cave is a natural cavity located in the Gard department.

Originally, it was a cave known to lumberjacks and hunters, long before it was first explored in 1965.

The natural shaft, about 50 metres deep, leads to the ceiling of a room of remarkable dimensions (120 metres long, 80 metres wide, 15 to 35 metres high).

This room is characterised by the profusion, size and diversity of its calcite concretions.

In 2009, two cavers had the idea to discover this unusual cave. After two years of study and the drilling of two tunnels of 70 metres each, the Salamander tourist cave was born, accessible to all.

On the outside, reception buildings were built in keeping with the highly protected environment in which the cave opens.

Inside the cave, an innovative lighting system showcases nature's work while respecting its climatic constraints.


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