Église de Saint-Cydroine

The present church was probably built in the eleventh century atop a hill overlooking the right bank of the Yonne on the site of the martyrdom of Saint Cydroine instead of a primitive church abbey, cited as a parish in the ninth century Sacramentary in the use of the Abbey of Saint-Amand. The priory belonged to the monks of the Abbey of Saint-Remi de Sens which yielded the Benedictine monastery of La Charite-sur-Loire. First mention of the priory date of 1162 in a papal document in which Pope Alexander II to settle a dispute between neighboring Benedictine monks of La Charite-sur-Loire, who lived in Premonstratensian Dilo. Some older items (bell tower, choir and transept) Romanesque style can be dated from the late eleventh century, while the nave and other later date from the twelfth century and the thirteenth century.

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