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DepartureAUXERRE (89)

For six days we propose to explore the Burgundy. Renowned for its gastronomy, the region is also rich in historical heritage.

Auxerre, capitale of Yonne

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To start this circuit tourism, we invite you to discover the town of Auxerre.

Museum Saint-Germain

Begin by entering the museum Saint-Germain. Inside, the three rooms will present the history of the abbey, its scriptorium and archeology collections.

Museum Leblanc-Duvernoy

Continue visiting the museum Leblanc-Duvernoy. You will discover important collections of revolutionary ceramics, regional and national earthenware, stoneware Puisaye.

Museum of Art and History Puisaye

Finally, we advise you to visit the Museum of Art and History Puisaye. You will find all the soul Puisaye with traditional local habitat. You will also discover the potter and the importance of working the land Puisaye tradition.

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Nevers, a city of history

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Castle of Saint-Fargeau, Saint-Fargeau

You will start the second day of the castle of Saint-Fargeau. This is one of the finest examples of French classicism. Inside, you will discover apartments, attics and roofs, the Malle-Poste, The Park and the old steam locomotives.

Archaeological museum of the door Croux, Nevers

Then, towards the archaeological museum of the door Croux. You will discover the history of the city of Nevers through rare coins and archaeological excavations

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la-roulotte-de-l-albizia varennes-vauzelles

La Roulotte de l'Albizia

  • Varennes-vauzelles
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les-eaux-vives-hotel pougues-les-eaux

Les Eaux Vives Hôtel

  • Pougues-les-eaux
  • 03 86 90 17 35

Château-Chinon, a renowned French

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Museum is home to seven-Mitterrand

The museum is home to seven-Mitterrand many gifts given to President Francois Mitterrand. This is a real treasure trove.

Museum of Costume

Then, head to the Museum of Costume. Inside you will find 400 pieces of any kind and will discover the evolution of French fashion in the late 18th century and the mid-20th.

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hotel-restaurant-la-vieille-auberge chaumard

Hôtel Restaurant la Vieille Auberge

  • Chaumard
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hotel-de-la-poste-vauclaix vauclaix

Hôtel de la Poste Vauclaix

  • Vauclaix
  • 03 86 22 71 38

Castles in large part

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Zervos Museum

In Zervos Museum, you can explore the works of artists such as Fernand Léger, Pablo Picasso and Julio González.

Castle of Chastellux

Then take the direction of the castle Chastellux. This building is a reflection of the marginal and engaging personality of the owner of yesteryear, Roger de Rabutin. Inside, you'll discover his resentment for the king, his nostalgia for his troubles loves, his nostalgia for the military ...

Castle of Bourbilly

You will discover that the building has played a major role in the defense of the region. You will also see several architectural styles mingle in this fortress in perfect condition.

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hotel-de-la-gare montbard

Hôtel de la Gare

  • Montbard
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hotel-de-l-ecu montbard

Hôtel de l'Ecu

  • Montbard
  • 03 80 92 11 66

Dijon, former capital of the Duchy of Burgundy

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Castle of Bussy-Rabutin

To start this 5th day you will discover the castle of Bussy-Rabutin. Known for st presented also famous for its famous collection of portraits of all the ladies that the Count de Bussy is supposed to be loved.

Palace of the Dukes of Burgundy

Then go to Dijon to visit the Palace of the Dukes of Burgundy. You can climb the 316 steps of the tower where you will find a beautiful view of Dijon. You will also discover the history of the Dukes of Burgundy.

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Dijon, the capital of mustard

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Amora museum, Dijon

Finally the last day you will discover the Amora museum. You will learn about the origins of the brand, its industrialization and development over the centuries.

Civil Hospices de Beaune, Beaune

Finally you go in civil Hospices de Beaune. This monument is a rare example of civil architecture of the Middle Ages. You can also admire the altarpiece of the Last Judgment by Rogier van der Weyden, a unique masterpiece and known worldwide.


We hope this tour to discover the Burgundy you satisfied. We try to make you discover the treasures of the region. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to leave them in comments.

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Hôtel les Paulands

  • Ladoix-serrigny
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la-maison-d-olivier-leflaive puligny-montrachet

La Maison d'Olivier Leflaive

  • Puligny-montrachet
  • 03 80 21 37 65

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