Tourism - Bas-Rhin

The Bas-Rhin department is part of the Alsace region in France. It extends over 120 km from its Northern to its Southern tip and between 40 and 80 km from East to West and is surrounded by the Haut-Rhin, the Vosges, the Meurthe-et-Moselle as well as Germany. The Bas-Rhin offers an impressive range of architectural, historic and religious interest, gastronomy and traditions sites. The Romanesque road, the traditional brewing, the typically Alsatian villages, the fortified castles, the famous Wine Trail, the North Vosges forests, and Strasbourg, the European capital, are just some of the Bas-Rhin’s remarkable places of interest, which are spread out over the entire area.

Among the places not to be missed are Obernai, the Piémont, the Haut-Koenigsbourg castle , the Fleckenstein castle, the Strasbourg cathedral.

Top tourist cities in Bas-Rhin


Tourism Strasbourg

The city of Strasbourg, Prefecture of the Bas-Rhin, is located at the German border. The city is the capital intellectual, cultural and economic Alsace. Host of the Council of Europe and the parliament of the European Union, the city of Strasbourg is a beacon of ...

Must : Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Strasbourg, Le musée d'Art moderne et contemporain, Le Musée Alsacien


Tourism Haguenau

Haguenau is a French town in Bas-Rhin in Alsace. It's a city of more than 35,000 residents, welcoming you in a flowery and neat. At the option of a walk in downtown, you will discover the rich historical heritage of the city and the many shops and terraces. ...

Must : Musée de Bouxwiller et du Pays de Hanau, Musée du bagage, Musée Historique de Haguenau


Tourism Molsheim

Molsheim is a small town located in the Bas-Rhin and the Alsace region. Sights Church of the Jesuits of the seventeenth century, built by Christoph Wamser The Priory of Chartreuse of 1598 Metzig, Renaissance building built around 1525 by the butchers' guild ...


Tourism Saverne

Saverne is a French village, located in Bas-Rhin and Alsace region. Sights Castle des Rohan Tower of the telegraph Chapp Castle Haut-Barr Castle Greifenstein Mill City Church and cloître Récollets Parish church of canons of Saint-Augustin ...

Must : Musées du Château des Rohan


Tourism Selestat

Sélestat lies at the heart of Alsace, 22 km north of Colmar and 47 km south of Strasbourg. Located on the left bank of the Ill, the city leans against the Vosges. It communicates with Lorraine by the Maurice Lemaire tunnel known as the tunnel Sainte ...

Must : Bibliothèque Humaniste


Tourism Wissembourg

Wissembourg is a French village, located in Bas-Rhin and Alsace region. Sights Church Saints-Pierre-and-Paul Church Saint Jean House of Salt Museum Westercamp

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