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Discover the towns and villages of the Dordogne department. There is a great choice of leisure and tourist activities available here.

Welcome to Terrasson-Lavilledieu


Welcome to Terrasson, the city of many gardens. The entrance gate on the Vezere Valley located in Perigord Noir.

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hotel-la-boissiere ayen

Hôtel La Boissière

  • Ayen
  • 05 55 25 15 69
camping-de-la-fage la-chapelle-aubareil

Camping de la Fage

  • La chapelle-aubareil
  • 05 53 50 76 50
village-vacances-ulvf-le-domaine-de-pelvezy saint-genies

Village Vacances ULVF Le Domaine de Pelvezy

  • Saint-genies
  • 05 53 30 82 00
hotel-montauban brive-la-gaillarde

Hôtel Montauban

  • Brive-la-gaillarde
  • 05 55 24 00 38

Périgueux, capital of Périgord


A welcoming city, with the colors of Tuscany, who did not cease to amaze you. Gem of the Southwest, to the forefront of arts and heritage. A land of traditions and gastronomy, famous for its relaxed lifestyle in one of the largest protected area in France.

Visit the Museum of Perigord, the Tower of Vesone and the Byzantine cathedral Saint-Front, a major step on the road to Saint Jacques de Compostela, belonging to the UNESCO World Heritage since 1998.

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le-saint-pierre saint-pierre-de-chignac

Le Saint Pierre

  • Saint-pierre-de-chignac
  • 05 53 02 15 60

Discover Saint-Aulaye


Saint-Eulalie de Merida was tortured according to the tradition at the beginning of the 9th century under the reign of the Emperor Maximilian, gave her name to our little town of which she is the Saint Patron.

Her Saint Feast Day is on the 10th of December, although contested by some who refer to Saint Eulalie of Barcelona who died at the same period though celebrated on the 12th of February.

However, most historians agreed that the martyre is the same one in those two cases.

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camping-le-pressoir petit-palais-et-cornemps

Camping Le Pressoir

  • Petit-palais-et-cornemps
  • 05 57 69 73 25

Discover the town of Domme


Built in the 13th century on the orders of Philippe III Le Hardy, Domme has the most vibrant history of the whole of Perigord. 

Then, the brand new building is used as a prison for 70 templars who carved moving words about their faith on the walls. Under the 17th century hall, there is a 450 m of natural caves that look like an enchanting world to the visitors.

Domme is located on the top of a rocky peak and looms over the Dordogne Valley showing great views.

Touring Domme is like entering into the history of the city but also it is discovering an exceptional village where each visitors can enjoy the local gastronomy, craftsmen arts and the warm welcome of the inhabitants.


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le-nouvel-hotel domme

Le Nouvel hotel

  • Domme
  • 05 53 28 36 81
camping-le-tiradou saint-vincent-de-cosse

Camping Le Tiradou

  • Saint-vincent-de-cosse
  • 05 53 30 30 73
camping-des-grottes-de-roffy sainte-nathalene

Camping des Grottes de Roffy

  • Sainte-nathalene
  • 05 53 59 15 61
homair-vacances-le-val-d-ussel proissans

Homair Vacances le Val d'Ussel

  • Proissans
  • 08 20 20 12 07

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