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DepartureIS-SUR-TILLE (21)

Is-sur-Tille is a commune located in the Côte-d'Or department in the Burgundy region.



Although Is-sur-Tille has a rich history, its heritage is limited due to many destructions that took place before the 18th century.

Among the most remarkable buildings are:

  • the church dating from the 12th century
  • The Lecompasseur de Courtivon Town house
  • The Lenoncourt Town house
  • A castle dating from the 17th century

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The 'Petit clocher'


The plateau of Petit Clocher is a famous among botanists as wildlife species are remarkable. The site is protected by the council since 1996.

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The Mount Marcilly


The Mount Marcilly has a diverse wildlife. Scientists value the importance of this wildlife for the biodiversity. The mount is covered with chalky soil and lawn as well as rocky outcrops.

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