Église Saint-Michel

The church of Saint-Michel in Dijon was built in the sixteenth century. However, it is mentioned as 889, when it should be a small wooden chapel. Its size probably preventing its mission home of the faithful, Garnier de Mailly, the abbot of St. Stephen, asked that the chapel was replaced by a true church to the most impressive dimensions (which it will be by subsequently buried in 1051). In 1020 it was consecrated by the Bishop of Langres Lambert. This new church proved in 1497, again too small to fulfill its role. Therefore, it was decided to expand it in the choir. It is in charge of the richest parishioners that the chapels were built. This church was completed very rapidly. In 1529, the Bishop of Thunder, Philibert de Beaujeu is the focus. The church of Saint-Michel is on the list of historical monuments since 1840.

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