Musée d'art sacré de Dijon

The Musée d’Art Sacré de Dijon is located in St. Anne Church, built in the early eighteenth century in the preservation area of the city of Dion. The church is ranked as “Munument Historique” since 1945 and was bought by the city of Dijon in 1950 to be transformed in 1979 into a Museum of Sacred Art. The museum houses gems of religious heritage in a church with original architecture. Works of art (sculptures, paintings, furniture, liturgical vessels and jewelry) exposed date back the twelfth to the twentieth centuries and reflect the evolution of women's religious communities over the centuries because the chapel is the shrine of the first Cistercian monastery feminine.

All works of art on display are an integral part of religious heritage. The Musée d’Art Sacré provides a mission of safeguarding and protection of works of which the Church abandons use during the various religious reforms. The arrival in the rotunda surprises visitors, not because of the dome in copper and precious marbles which compose it, but thanks to the simple wood carvings it contains.

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